ATOMI Corestory™​

Share and present your sales stories online in a memorable and trackable way

The way we do, use, share and track our sales presentations is broken!

Are your current sales presentations:

  • available for online and offline use?

  • working in mobile and tablet devices?

  • shareable after sales meetings?

  • metered and tracked how they are used and consumed?

  • updatable in seconds?

  • visually engaging showing videos and animations?

  • interactive?

ATOMI Corestory™

  • works online and offline

  • works in mobile and tablet devices

  • is shareable

  • collects analytics how the stories are used

  • is updatable in seconds

  • can contain videos and animations

  • is interactive with your readers

Your existing visual content gets a new life.

Your story can lead to new dimensions.

Your readers can navigate freely inside the presentation using CTA's, keyboard or swiping.

You'll get the insight how often your story is consumed and by whom.

You can also interact, collect data and information

Now let's make your story!

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ATOMI Corestory™